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7/30/15 ➣You're invited! check out these invitations

I recently completed these vintage-y prom-themed invitations for a fundraising event. As you can see, the design was very illustration driven but I also did a bit of lettering for the title.

(note: I did not design the GTC logo)  

4/10/15 ➣upright/downwrong

If the header of this site looks a little different to you lately, well first, thanks for your return visit and second, you're right; it is different! The upright script I've been working on turned out pretty well so I thought I would throw it on my header and see what happens. Kinda diggin’ it. 

I've been a fan of upright scripts for some time. In fact, I would go so far as to say upright scripts are my favorite genus of script. If that seems misguided to you, google ‟upright script” right now and tell me that isn't eye candy...Okay, I just did that and the first ones that come up are all pretty bad. So, just take my word for it: upright scripts are awesome!    


4/8/15 ➣Lil’ somethin’ in the works

I've been working on a little script that I think I'm going to use as a new website header. Stay tuned!

3/25/15 ☞Check out my og (overly garnished) ‟G”

My friend, Cristina Vanko, recently asked me to make a little contribution to her new book by hand-lettering a ‟G” analog-style. I was very happy to oblige. Here's how my OG‟G” turned out:

11/11/14 ➣Tinkering around the edges  

Here is a little border detail from the in-progress wedding invitations I've been working on. Pretty happy with the way they are shaping up! 

10/25/14 ➣Invitation inspiration

I'm working on some wedding invitations and I thought I would share this amazing etching which has been a huge inspiration for the project. Stay tuned for some WIP images of the invites. 

9/15/14 ➣Fresher! Tastier! Design-ier!

Welcome to my new and improved website! This blog section will be a space for me to share works in progress (WIP as the kidz say) as well as things that inspire me and, if I'm feeling particularly jocund, some thoughts on design. Please be sure to check back often to see new content, as I'm always working on something.